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Air Liquide Healthcare is a world leader in medical gases, home healthcare, hygiene and healthcare specialty products.

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Our aim is to provide customers in the continuum of care from hospital to home with medical products and services that contribute to increasing the quality and quantity of life.

Stationary Oxygen Concentrators

These devices are electrically powered and supply oxygen extracted from room air so they never run out.

All of Air Liquide Healthcare’s oxygen concentrators feature built-in oxygen monitors which alarm in the event of low oxygen purity and power disconnection.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Unlike stationary oxygen concentrators which deliver a continuous flow of oxygen, pocs use pulse dose technology which only provides oxygen when you breathe in. Some models may also feature a continuous flow option. pocs are lightweight and are ideal to help you get the benefits of oxygen while you are outside of the home. Air Liquide Healthcare has a range of portable and transportable oxygen concentrators available:

  • Portable oxygen concentrators (poc) are devices which can be easily carried or moved and typically weigh less than 2.5 kg.
  • Transportable oxygen concentrators (toc) are devices that normally weigh over 2.5 kg and utilise a trolley for transportation. the advantage of these devices is that they tend to have a greater oxygen output when compared to portable devices.

Please note that portable/transportable oxygen concentrators are not intended to replace a stationary oxygen concentrator. most manufacturers recommend that a stationary oxygen concentrator is used at home, with pocs/tocs only being used outside of the home.

Portable Oxygen Cylinders

Air Liquide Healthcare has an extensive range of portable oxygen cylinders available for rent. cylinders vary in size and in the volume of oxygen they contain. our popular 'b' size (160L) cylinder is the smallest and lightest oxygen cylinder available in Australia. This cylinder is very popular with people who will benefit from using an oxygen cylinder while they are mobile. Portable oxygen cylinders are contained in a robust carry bag or can be transported using a trolley depending on the cylinder size/weight.

Stationary Oxygen Cylinders

Stationary oxygen cylinders are recommended as an emergency backup source of oxygen in case of power failure or oxygen concentrator malfunction. As a general rule ’d’, pRc and tAKe o2® 5.0 size cylinders are provided in urban areas.

‘e’, pRe and tAKe o2® 20 size cylinders are provided in regional areas. Stationary oxygen cylinders are also available with integrated regulators and flow meters.