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Integrated cylinders

Air Liquide Healthcare’s Integrated cylinders – the innovative, safe and economic option.


TAKEO2, a major innovation in the medical oxygen field, is the first cylinder on the market with a digital gauge to display the remaining time of oxygen.

TAKEO2 are ready-to-use medical oxygen cylinders with a built-in pressure regulator, an ergonomic cap, flow meter, and a digital contents gauge.

The ergonomic design and new functionalities provide superior benefits in terms of:

  • Greater patient safety
  • Time optimization
  • Improved ease-of-use
  • Faster oxygen set up
  • Cost efficiency
Product Volume Weight
TAKEO2TM 2.8L 590L 6.5 kg
TAKEO2TM 5L 1,000L 8.2 kg
TAKEO2TM 20L 4,100L 32.2 kg