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CPAP Therapy Services

CPAP therapy is a treatment, not a cure, for OSA. To be beneficial, CPAP must be used every time you sleep and you may find adjusting to CPAP difficult in the first few days or weeks. Air Liquide Healthcare’s therapy programs are designed to give you the additional support you need at the beginning of your therapy.

CPAP Therapy

CPAP consists of a flow generator that pumps air into a mask you wear while sleeping. The air pressure in your throat supports your airway and keeps the path to your lungs open.

Patients usually report that CPAP therapy improves their lifestyle dramatically.

Being able to breathe properly should improve your sleep – leaving you feeling refreshed in the morning. This should improve your partners sleep too, with potential improvements to your relationship.

You only wear the CPAP mask during sleep and manufacturers go to great lengths to make the masks as comfortable as possible. Small, travel-sized CPAP products are also available.

Our Therapy Support Programs

The biggest challenge you may find with CPAP therapy is some embarrassment or initial discomfort using the device and wearing the mask. This usually goes away once you realise how much better you feel after sleeping with CPAP. It is important not to be inconsistent or to abandon the therapy before you experience the benefit.

Air Liquide Healthcare’s therapy support programs are carefully designed to support you at the start of your treatment, when you need the most advice and assistance.

Later we will follow-up regularly to check that your mask still fits comfortably and your therapy is still performing well. Research shows that this kind of support will give you the best chance of a good result with your CPAP therapy.

Our 20 years of experience providing excellent service to CPAP patients has allowed us to build long, established, relationships with leading CPAP equipment manufacturers. This gives you choices in our clinics that are not available in locations that deal exclusively with one supplier. All our therapy programs are fully compliant with the Australasian Sleep Association guidelines.

Another benefit of our close support in the early stages of your CPAP therapy is to identify when CPAP is not working for you so that we can advise you to talk to your doctor about other therapies.

The benefits of using Air Liquide Healthcare include:

  • Therapy programs designed to support you in your therapy and educate you about your condition so that your therapy is as effective as it can be
  • Our Therapy Partnership Program which gives you a quick start to your treatment and education about sleep apnea and treatment options
  • Education about your condition from a specialised CPAP Consultant in the clinic or from a CPAP technician at your place
  • The option to try a machine and mask before you rent or buy it
  • The ability to mix different brands of CPAP device and masks from several manufacturers
  • Australia’s largest network of clinic locations - click here to view our locations

Therapy Partnership Program: Introduction

Getting started with anything new can be difficult. To ease your transition into CPAP therapy and to ensure that you feel you have made the right decision,  our daily Therapy Partnership Program provides you the support to find and select your best CPAP device, mask and accesories. Within this period, you will be fully supported via face to face consultation or phone call troubleshooting to help you get over any challenges or hurdles with your new treatment

Therapy Partnership Program

Value Based Healthcare - Vital360

We pride ourselves on looking after our patients to ensure that they get a good night’s sleep, we do this via a customised patient care plan Vital360, which is designed around patients therapy goals and quality of life outcomes that matter to each individual. We take into consideration communication preferences, CPAP therapy compliance and required support. Each care plan measures quality of life outcomes that matter to our patients.

Purchase options

If you prefer to own your equipment you have the choice of buying it outright, or financing your purchase on reasonable terms. Air Liquide Healthcare has partnered with ZipMoney to bring you reasonable interest-free financing terms to make your CPAP therapy as affordable as possible.

  • Air Liquide Healthcare’s commitment to customer service does not stop once you walk out the door.
  • You will benefit from our comprehensive warranties and repair services and be supported by our therapy support services.
  • Private health insurance usually offers partial reimbursement for CPAP therapy. Contact your private health insurer about your entitlements.

Department of Veteran Affairs

Air Liquide Healthcare proudly provides CPAP therapy services for eligible veterans. White or gold DVA health cards entitle veterans to CPAP therapy where it is required. The level of support varies between white and gold card holders so contact us for more information.

CPAP Products

We supply CPAP systems manufactured by ResMed, Philips Respironics, and Fisher & Paykel. The systems all operate on the same principal and have the same three basic components – a CPAP device, an air tube and a mask. The differences between the systems come down to treatment algorithms, mask styles and fit, remote connectivity and other usability and comfort features.