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Lifetime Membership

My Vitality Club®

As a premium CPAP service provider, we pride ourselves in offering quality support to our patients for the lifetime of their therapy.

My Vitality Club Membership provides members with discounted rates on services for their CPAP equipment.

There are two types of memberships, Basic and Super Saver.

The Basic membership provides you with a discounted rate on all of our CPAP services.

The Super Saver membership provides you all of our CPAP services for FREE!

Visit one of our sleep clinics today to become a member and save for a lifetime!

 CPAP consultation - Consultation to discuss issues related to CPAP treatment 

  • Use in combination with therapy download if discussing the results in depth
  • Changes in prescription requiring adjustments of pressure, or comfort features (equipment purchased through ALH)

CPAP mask trial - Trial any CPAP mask for one week

CPAP equipment fitting adjustment -  When fitting an accessory acquired from another retailer

CPAP check up and clean - Sleep Consultant to check that the CPAP machine is achieving and maintaining the desired CPAP pressure. Assess the CPAP air filter, tubing and provide a quick external wipe of the CPAP Machine.

CPAP therapy download - in store request - A download and print of CPAP therapy report (no interpretation).

CPAP therapy download -  phone or email request -  A download of your CPAP therapy report sent to you by email (we will not interpret your report).

Discount Voucher - Included with Membership Welcome email.

Conditions that apply to the voucher are as follows:

  • only redeemable at the Air Liquide Healthcare eShop
  • expires within 36 months of the date of the membership welcome email
  • can be redeemed to purchase any product except for a CPAP, APAP, Bi-level device or oxygen therapy product
  • not redeemable with any other promotion, discounts or vouchers (one voucher/order)

The discount will only apply for purchases of $40 or  above .

The discount will not apply to delivery fees