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CPAP Therapy Products

CPAP Systems

Air Liquide Healthcare supplies CPAP systems manufactured by ResMed, Philips Respironics (product support), and Fisher & Paykel. The systems all operate on the same principle and have the same three basic components – a CPAP device, an air tube and a mask. The differences between the systems come down to treatment algorithms, mask styles and fit, remote connectivity and other usability and comfort features. 

CPAP Masks

CPAP masks are worn while you sleep. They usually have a soft cushion that comes into contact with your skin and use a strap, or straps, to hold them snugly against your face. The masks come in a variety of configurations including nasal pillows, which rest against your nostrils; nasal masks, which cover your nose, and full-face masks which cover your nose and mouth. Each mask has its own configuration of straps. It is possible to mix-and-match masks and devices.

We recommend that you visit our clinic to experience the different devices or get a mask fit before committing to one product. 

Hygiene and comfort accessories

When you are in the clinic you can also discuss any other accessories you may need, such as a heated humidifier. Once you know which device works best for you, you can buy accessories and replacement parts from our online shop.

Types of hygiene and comfort accessories for CPAP devices include:

  • A heated humidifier which warms and moistens the air you breathe and is useful for preventing a dry throat or nasal passages
  • Heated wire tubing to provide high humidity
  • Travel inverters, DC power cords and cases for travelling with your CPAP machine
  • Fabric covers to go over the tubes
  • CPAP pillows with cut away sections so you can roll onto your side without the mask bumping the pillow
  • Mask and device replacement parts like cushions, headgear, straps, hoses and filters
  • Chin straps, or chin restraints, to hold your mouth closed to prevent the dry mouth that some CPAP users experience
  • Hose guard to protect the hose from kinks and damage
  • Hose arm to hold the air hose above you in bed
  • Cleaners and wipes to clean your masks and accessories
  • Hypoallergenic filters to clean the air you breathe