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Oxygen Therapy Products

You can rely on Air Liquide Healthcare’s quality as all of our
equipment is TGA approved.

Air Liquide Healthcare works with state and federal funding bodies to ensure your patients get the highest quality patient care with the appropriate funding support. Whether your patients require stationary or portable oxygen concentrators, or our easy to use cylinder solutions, we can provide them. We also carry a complete range of accessories and spare parts.

Oxygen Cylinders

We have a wide selection of oxygen cylinders whose gas volume ranges from 160L to 4200L

You can rely on Air Liquide Healthcare’s quality as all of our equipment is TGA approved.

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Portable oxygen cylinders Our portable medical oxygen cylinders weigh as little as 2.2kg to facilitate patient mobility.
Regulators We provide simple regulators plus cylinders with integrated regulators designed to make them easier for patients to use.
Oxygen conserving devices (OCDs) OCDs can substantially extend the use of a medical oxygen cylinder, making them efficient and cost effective products.
Stationary concentrators We have a variety of stationary concentrators to meet your patient’s therapy needs. Our wide range of stationary concentrators can deliver oxygen flow rates of up to 15 litres per minute.
Portable concentrators Portable concentrators are discreet and lightweight – as little as 1.3kg – suitable for patients with an active lifestyle.
Oxygen safety devices We have safety products that connect with oxygen delivery devices to protect patients from the risk of oxygen fires.
Oximeters We offer high-quality oximeters for accurate monitoring that are especially sensitive for your mobile patients.
Accessories We provide all the accessories patients need – cannulas, masks, replacement tubing and special oxygen delivery interfaces.