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Alternative Therapy

For those who cannot tolerate CPAP, other OSA treatment options are available

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

MAD fits in your mouth over the upper and lower teeth to move your jaw forward, causing your lower teeth to be in front of the upper teeth. This forward placement therefore widens the airway, thus reducing the air resistance that leads to snoring. It should be worn nightly and it has been proven to be effective for patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

There are several types of MAD including:

  • A thermoplastic ‘boil and bite’ device that is available online and in selected pharmacies. It is the most inexpensive option and it is simple to use.
  • Semi-custom device where you create your own dental impression mould, and send it to have it made. You can still make a small adjustment to the final product. You may also get your dentist or sleep specialist to assist you in making the impression mould, which often results in a better fitting of the final product. 
  • Custom-made device, where it is made by a dentist or a sleep specialist who specialises in the oral appliances to treat OSA. Rebates are available from some health insurers.

Intended Purpose: A mandibular splint which repositions the lower jaw slightly forward, thereby freeing the respiratory pathway.

ONIRIS Orthosis

The ONIRIS Orthosis is a thermoplastic adjustable MAD which repositions the lower jaw freeing up the respiratory pathway reducing snoring and OSA.

  • Bi-bloc shape allowing total freedom of movement
  • Jaw advancements 0-11 mm in 1 mm increments
  • Thermoforming for customised dental impression
  • Remolding capacity allows multiple impressions
  • Two sizes to accommodate different jaw sizes
  • Please see your healthcare professional to discussthe suitability of this product before use
  • Always read instructions before use

O2Vent Optima 

Personalised oralappliance that treats obstructive sleep apnea and reduces snoring.

  • Integrated airway enables uninterrupted therapy,even with nasal obstruction
  • FREE initial consult.
  • No obligation dentist telehealth or in-personassessment
  • To schedule a consultation, visit or call 1300 028 368
  • Impression kit + final product can be sent to home orprovided at participating clinics
  • Only available with a prescription

Night Shift

The Night Shift is a patented, clinically-proven therapy for patients with positional obstructive sleep apnea (POSA) that can be worn around the neck. After allowing the user time to fall asleep in any position, it begins to gently vibrate when the user attempts to back-sleep. The vibration then gradually increases in intensity until the user changes position. Night Shift is an intelligent, interactive monitor that allows patients and clinicians to track sleep quality and therapeutic effectiveness via the Night Shift application on iOS & Android devices. Night Shift can also be combined with a wrist oximeter to screen for Positional OSA and/or assess the benefits of combination therapy.

  • Monitor how efficiently the user slept and the degree of sleep fragmentation
  • Assess the association between loud snoring and sleep quality
  • Determine if snoring and poor sleep quality is limited to back-sleeping
  • Compare the effectiveness of other OSA or snoring therapies with and without position therapy
  • Patients can fall asleep in any position
  • A single charge can last for up to 3 nights
  • Lightweight