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One of the world’s first digital integrated cylinders

Published on May 20, 2022

2 minutes

TAKEO2™ - At a glance

TAKEO2™ is a major innovation in the Medical Oxygen field.

This new generation cylinder combines a built in pressure regulator, an ergonomic cap and a patented digital gauge, to provide healthcare professionals with the industry’s safest and most cost effective medical oxygen delivery system.

This technology allows the caregivers to better manage the administration of medical oxygen by viewing at a glance the remaining time and volume available.

TAKEO2™ advantages include: 

  • Greater patient safety by reducing the risk of oxygen supply interruption especially during patient transport
  • Staff can safely plan oxygen dependent transfers having immediate and accurate cylinders duration time
  • The permanent display of the remaining time and available volume as well as the safety alerts indicate when the cylinder needs to be replaced
  • With an ergonomic cap, a comfortable handle and an easier access and manipulation of flow selector, patient care is significantly facilitated
  • The time-related data provides an unprecedented comfort level to caregivers who can better focus on their primary responsibility, the patient
  • Cost efficiency through an effective use of the cylinder content and reduced equipment cost
  • Enhanced monitoring

It was demonstrated with several case studies in Europe and Canada that hospitals were returning about 50% of their medical oxygen cylinders for refill (considered as empty) when they were actually over 1/4 full. When using the new digital integrated cylinders, over 90% of the cylinders were returned completely empty by the hospital. The use of TAKEO2™ cylinders was confirmed to deliver significant cost savings for the healthcare facilities.

When the cylinder is in use, the patented digital pressure gauge calculates and displays the time remaining in hours and minutes. So no more estimations or calculations of the remaining content are required as TAKEO2™ cylinder provides direct intelligible information to medical staff with the remaining treatment time at the selected flow.

When the cylinder is not in use, it displays the available volume in litres. The device also features visual and audible warning alerts which indicate when critical levels are reached.