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Oxygen Safety Information

Home oxygen therapy is safe as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Using oxygen safely

Oxygen can make things burn quickly, so it’s very important when using it that you observe these general safety precautions.


  • Use the oxygen only as prescribed by your doctor
  • Have smoke alarms in your house
  • Secure cylinders to prevent them falling over
  • Turn off oxygen equipment when not in use
  • Clean the equipment regularly
  • Place a ‘No Smoking/Vaping’ sign where you use the oxygen equipment
  • Keep grease, creams, oil products, flammable and combustible materials away from oxygen equipment
  • Ensure that oxygen equipment is used and stored in well ventilated areas and away from humid or wet environments

Do not

  • Smoke/Vape or let others smoke/vape in your home or near your oxygen equipment
  • Use oxygen equipment near electrical equipment that gets hot or sparks
  • Use oxygen equipment near matches, candles, gas appliances, open flames or fires
  • Allow others to operate the oxygen equipment without training
  • Tamper with or attempt to repair your oxygen equipment yourself
  • Transport unsecured cylinders in a vehicle
  • For further information consult your oxygen equipment user guide.
  • Planning for a power failure
  • Our primary concern is for your safety.
  • You may be at risk during an emergency or power failure if your oxygen concentrator cannot be used.
  • By developing an emergency plan, you’ll be better prepared to cope with the experience. It is important to stay as calm as possible.
  • Use this checklist to help you prepare: 
  • Advise your electricity provider that you are dependent on electricity to supply your oxygen equipment
  • Check your emergency backup cylinder weekly
  • Have torches with spare batteries
  • Do not light a candle
  • Have a radio with spare batteries
  • Have a telephone or arrange alternative assistance
  • Have a contact list for family, friends, carers, doctors, emergency services and Air Liquide Healthcare
  • Review your plan twice a year and keep it handy

Air Liquide Healthcare has prepared a simple emergency plan form you can download here.

TGA Registered Medical Devices

You can trust our products. All the medical devices used by Air Liquide Healthcare are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), so you can be assured they are of high quality and meet the most rigorous standards for therapy.

For more information, visit the TGA website.

Oxygen Safety Videos