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Reliable and painless tooth vitality tester 

Odontotest Documents

What is the Odontotest™?

The Odontotest™, a unique diagnostic system, is an easy and effective way to facilitate the assessment of tooth sensitivity. It produces sticks of carbon dioxide (CO2) snow – also called ‘dry ice’ – to be applied to the tooth for pulp test.

How does it work?

It works through creating dry ice when pressurised carbon dioxide penetrates the perforated tube. A plunger is used to push the snow forward and expose it for tooth vitality testing.



• No danger to false diagnostic by microelectric currents

• Reliable through crowns

Easy to use

• Always ready to use*

• No drying required prior to examination

• No need to isolate teeth with fillings

Safe and comfortable for the patient

• No discomfort due to microelectric currents

• No damage to tooth enamel or dental pulp

Minimal maintenance

• Easy to maintain

Replacement Parts

  1. Snow Cone Complete 1379S
  2. Snow Case 1380S
  3. Perforated Tube 1381S
  4. Pusher insert (plunger) 1382S
  5. Metal Fitting 3578S
  6. Cylinder Fitting (CO2 yoke) 1386S
  7. CO2 Cylinder Wall Bracket 1388S