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is a one-stop shop for all of your educational resources and our interactive learning modules can be used to obtain Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Points.  


supports you with:

  • Minimizing OH&S risks- enhance awareness of potential risks and hazards
  • Improving regulatory compliance- in line with Australian standards
  • Increasing the confidence of your staff when handling medical gases and equipment
  • Gaining in efficiency and focus on patient care
  • Cost savings - staff use the gas and equipment under the best conditions

Modules available now are:

Our interactive educational modules are continuously developing.

  • Basics of Oxygen & its properties
  • The cycle of Oxygen within your body
  • Blood Gas Constants
  • Best Practices of Medical Oxygen
  • Working Safely with High Pressure Cylinders
  • Medical Oxygen Safety & Storage
  • Regulators & Oxygen Conserving Devices
  • Medical Oxygen Concentrators: Stationary,
  • Transportable & Portable devices
  • Medical Oxygen Equipment & Accessories
  • Sedation & Relative Analgesia
  • Equipment used for Relative Analgesia with a mixer


by Air Liquide Healthcare is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all of your educational training & resources. These resources will offer you a greater understanding of the medical gases, equipment & products we supply you with. The training modules will ensure you have the necessary skills to perform your job safely & efficiently.

There are 2 options for subscription:

Standard Package


  • 3 Medical Oxygen courses
  • 3 Medical Gas Safety courses
  • Course completion certification
  • Downloadable educational resources

Premium Package 


  • Entire Standard Package
  • PLUS
  • Product specific courses
  • Access to new courses added during your subscription period

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