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Air Liquide Healthcare provides cryogenic products for cryotherapy in a variety of healthcare fields including dermatology.



Our stainless steel cryogenic spray vessel for liquid nitrogen CRYAL JET® has been specially designed to suit the needs of dermatologists.

It is supplied with a set of six spray nozzles designed for treating the most common skin lesions. We also have a range of six contact probes and a set of rubber cones to suit almost every application. We’ve also simplified the decanting system to make the CRYAL JET® easy to fill. Our solution for immediate liquid nitrogen spray meets high dermatologist standards.

Liquid Nitrogen Storage and Transport

We provide a range of dewars for liquid nitrogen storage in dermatological applications. We have various sizes available for your needs ranging from 2, 9, 11 and 21 litres. These have ladle-type canisters and a secure hook system on the dipper allows the operator to use both hands, which reduces risks.

Our highly-qualified team will help you select the offer that best suits your needs.

We provide a complete solution, ranging from liquid nitrogen to vessels and accessories, including training and services – making us the preferred supplier for the Australian market.

We also supply non-pressurised storage vessels from 11 to 100 litres for the storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen. Their standardised neck diameter allows the unification of accessories. With a 6-year warranty on the vacuum and a static holding time of up to 180 days, these high-quality vessels are an effective solution for any cryotherapy application.


Safety is vital when working with cryogenic liquids. Reducing the risks of two major hazards – anoxia and cryogenic burns – is a primary concern. Air Liquide Healthcare provides the advice and supply all the safety accessories you need, including visors, protective glasses, gloves, gaiters, aprons and oxygen detectors.

To purchase or receive advice on what product would suit your requirements

Please contact our customers service team on 1300 36 02 02.