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Air Liquide Healthcare supplies a comprehensive line of cryogenic equipment for the transport, handling and storage of liquid nitrogen and biological samples

Biobanking & Cryopreservation Sample Storage

Air Liquide Healthcare can assist you with the specification and selection of bio-banking and cryopreservation equipment for your facility.

Our wide range of products is specifically designed to suit a range of applications.  We can supply a large variety of different capacity vessels designed to suit life sciences, insemination centres, egg and sperm banks, IVF and pharmaceutical labs.

Our high thermal efficiency vessels have extremely low liquid nitrogen consumption due to the narrow neck design, reducing costs while increasing efficiency. Our Cryo memo monitoring and alarms system provides the safety assurance required for your samples. As an added bonus, the intercommunication feature will allow you to reduce your liquid nitrogen waste during filling. 


Manipulating Material in Small Volumes

We can provide vessels designed for the manipulation of materials at cryogenic temperatures in small volumes (less than 6 litres) of liquid nitrogen for short periods of time. Our compact cryogenic dewars are perfectly designed for daily use in scientific, research, medical and pharmaceutical laboratories, optimising ease of use, safety and liquid nitrogen consumption. 


Liquid Nitrogen Storage and Dispensing

We have a range of non-pressurised vessels that can be used for storing and transporting liquid nitrogen.

With a capacity range of 11 to 100 litres, a static holding time of up to 180 days and a 6 year warranty on the vacuum, these vessels are suitable for many different facilities. There is also a selection of essential accessories – the perfectly designed equipment to make your life easier in the laboratory – such as roller base with lockable casters, pressurised decanting system and tipping stand.

Our self-pressurised vessels range from 35 to 100 litres. They are easy to use and come with a decanting valve for safely dispensing liquid nitrogen. The smallest unit is an ideal size to fit under a workstation or laboratory bench for economical use of space.


Reliable and Safe Transport of Samples

If you need to transport biological samples or low volumes of liquid nitrogen we have specialised containers for that purpose. The dedicated line of transportation vessels for samples in straws, cryo-tubes or bags ranges from 1 to 20 litres. The largest vessel allows the storage of 500 cryo-tubes. All of our vessels comply with international regulations regarding the transport of dangerous goods by land, air and rail.



Safety is vital when working with cryogenic liquids. Reducing the risks of two major hazards – anoxia and cryogenic burns – is a primary concern. Air Liquide Healthcare can supply all the safety accessories you need, including visors, protective glasses, gloves, gaiters, aprons and oxygen detectors.

To purchase or receive advice on what product would suit your requirements

Please contact our customer service team on 1300 36 02 02.