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RA Course: ADAQ (ASDA)

Relative Analgesia (RA) Course is organized by Dr Michael P Walker & Dr Angelo G Preketes

September 17, 2024


This course is ideal for the dental practitioner who has little or no experience in relative analgesia using nitrous oxide but is also an excellent refresher for those wishing to update their skills.

The full day course will cover the pharmacology of nitrous oxide, communication in pain and anxiety management and the art of relative analgesia. Participants will be given an opportunity to administer nitrous oxide and to experience themselves the effects of RA.

Participants will get hands on experience in the use of the worlds leading Relative Analgesia systems - MDM Matrx and Porter systems. Also for the FIRST time will be introduced to the Porter silhouette mask and master course!

Taught by
Australia's Key Opinion Leaders in Sedation:


September 2024

Events Details:

  • Saturday 7th September
  • State:
  • Address: 


Points Obtainable

Course Details:

  • Covid-19 safe (individual circuits)
  • Approved by ADA Policy
  • Statement 6.33 Appendix 1.62
  • Course notes provided