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PLV & Dewer

Bulk Liquid Vessels

PLV & Dewar

Air Liquide Healthcare has the experience, resources and expertise to support you with your bulk vessel needs. Our qualified technical experts are able to help provide you with the right advice for the best sized vessel for your needs and applications. We are committed to mitigating risk, maximising safety, ensuring continuity of supply and providing ongoing servicing and full training to relevant staff.

Small volumes of cryogenic liquids are stored and handled in purpose built storage vessels. The two types utilised by ALH customers are;

Pressurized Liquid Vessels (PLVs)

  • Contain cryogenic liquid under pressure
  • Greatest capacity for liquid
  • Filled by trained operators of ALH


  • Non-pressurised storage vessels
  • Insulated containers with lids that can vent
  • Typically filled by PLVs by end users